I just wanted to take a minute to introduce myself and state my mission here on the web site, and on youtube.

My name is Tiffany, and I am a fairly newborn Christian. I was baptized catholic, but never really felt comfortable as such.

When I was 13, my grandmother died. I cursed God and walked away. I was so angry that He took her without letting me say goodbye. We were very close, and it devastated me.

I still needed some spiritual ground, so I dabbled in Wicca, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism. But I ended up feeling empty.

One night, I had a dream – my Nani AND Papi came to me to say goodbye. It was amazing and so vivid. I had no idea it was a dream until I woke up. But it had given me that closure I had needed throughout my multi-religion trials.

I apologized to God. I welcomed him back, if he’d have me. But I just couldn’t find a link to Jesus within myself. I continued as what I thought was a jew. I believed in God via the old testament. I blasphemed against Jesus and called him a nutjob who thought he was the messiah. Until…

A few years ago, a person listening to our local radio station had made a comment on facebook about satanism in music videos and lyrics. I became intrigued and started watching various youtubers pointing out illuminati and satanic symbolism. I felt my soul opening – it all made sense. If Satan was real, then Jesus, Yeshua might be too. Somehow ( there are no accidents,) I stumbled upon an evangelist on youtube, and was led back to Yeshua. (Jesus.) And there my true life began.

Though I now think that evangelist, and several others, are quite frankly just looking to get rich from subscribers, I have found a few non-preachers that have been opening my eyes to our biblical timeline. But to be fair to that specific person – they did bring me back to embracing our Savior. So a big plus for that.

I strongly believe we are in the end times. And that is why I’m creating this web site, youtube channel, and the forthcoming articles and videos. To share the word of God, through my interpretation. If all of us could just spend 1 minute of our day thinking about God, we could change the world.

I am no expert. I’m not a pastor, evangelical, theologian, bible interpreter, or prophet. My ideas of what things mean may be completely wrong – even idiotic at times. But if my version of things makes sense to even 1 person, and helps validate their thoughts or interpretations of the bible, (and the state of the world,) then I am doing a good job.

My ideas are not to be taken as truth, or messages from God. I am a fool, looking for knowledge, hoping to connect with others looking for knowledge. I may think out loud, ramble, pose rhetorical questions, and will always welcome friendly debate, and the thoughts of others on subject-matter that speaks to them (you.)

I will NEVER ask for money. I am doing this for Yeshua, not for myself. I feel very strongly about the evils of asking for donations just to express my opinions and thoughts. The Bible is not mine and I deserve nothing for sharing it with you.

Yes, I may get money from youtube, or amazon book sales, if I get enough love, but that won’t be used for anything except clothing my kids, buying school supplies, medications, and small things. I drive an old beat-up 2003 Hyundai, and live in an apartment with my family. My life is not extravagant, and if I do make more than what’s needed for my kids (don’t worry – no video games or anything,)  then it will go to charity. ) And when it does, I will prove it with receipts so you know I’m not buying things – I’m actually giving.

I want to work for the Lord. Not for myself.

Blessings to all.

Thanks for visiting!

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